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Site / Description Date Source
Tiny Apps
Misc very small applications [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Privacy @ Epic
Electronic Privacy Resource Center [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
What does your browser tell about you? [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Old Superstitions
Old Superstitions [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
UPS Protection
Excellent source for reconditioned, warranted APC UPS. Email for current availability list (Contact link on Web page). Also source for new batteries.
06/27/2006 Harv Millman (for Josh)
VideoHelp.com, aka DVDRhelp.com & VCDhelp.com
"VCD, SVCD and DVD capturing, converting, editing, authoring and playing help" Lots of great content, on a truly ugly and distracting site.
01/21/2004 Harv Millman
CD-Recordable FAQ
Info on CD-R, CD-RW, burners, software, media formats etc. Updated monthly.
12/30/2003 Harv
Tom's Hardware Guide
German doctor living in London, lot of early releases of CPU, Chips, Motherboards, etc.
12/16/2002 Unknown
Chip sets, motherboards, etc, and 12/16/2002 a ton of unwanted popup ad windows
12/16/2002 Unknown
Best prices on computer related components, chips, etc.
Where to go when BIOS Flashing goes bad - they can help
02/09/2002 Ben
Cool "system info" - HW/SW installed on a system. Run from web or DL
01/23/2002 Ben
Server-based backup restore for Windows NT.
VoiceGuide by Katalina Technologies
Voice Guide - neat voice response system - very nice voice handling based upon caller ID
elby CloneDVD
DVD cloning software (formerly CloneCD).
05/26/2001 Sid B?
Lean Mean CD burning software; 15 day trial, $40 purch; burns MP3s also
05/26/2001 Sid(?)
(500 Connection Refused)
FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)
05/12/2000 Ben
Home site of inexpensive PCs sold by Micro Center 
01/29/2000 (?)
An open DOS compatible op sys.  (Why?  Mebbe for embedded applications?)
09/25/1999 Mike W
Netcraft What's That Site Running
Just type in the URL, and the server information will be displayed.  "Thanks to Isaac for this helpful link".
05/09/1999 Bob Jones
Sysinternals Freeware
Advanced utilities, technical information and code related to Windows 95 and Windows NT internals (formerly ntinternals.com).  Featured util = FAT32 for NT.
05/30/1998 John Chapman(?).Ward later found you cannot BOOT FAT32, only ACCESS it;
Site / Description Date Source
Freemind @ Sourceforge from my March 2008 presentation
03/24/2008 Ward Christensen
iexpress - mini installer!
From Microsoft - make your own install progs [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Local proxy to remove unwanted stuff [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Ad Blocking Resources
Ad Blocking Resources [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Javacool Software
Spyware Blaster, EULA analyzer, more [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Portable Apps
John Chapman's recommendation for basic "stick" contents
05/14/2007 Marilyn
XP Myths
as discussed at meeting 4/28/07
04/28/2007 Sid Bratkovich
LavaSoft's Ad Aware
A free multi-spyware removal utility that scans memory, registry, and hard drives for known spyware and scumware components and lets you remove them safely. Updated frequently.
12/30/2003 Harv
The best of the best in Windows© Freeware, as determined by the readers of alt.comp.freeware
03/17/2003 Harv Millman
was http://www.bldrdoc.gov/timefreq/javaclck.htm - Just shows a standard clock
getting into password-protected files, like ZIP, Office, NT, Quicken, Quickbooks, Acrobat PDF, Lotus Smartsuite, Borland/Corel Paradox, Symantec ACT, AOL ICQ, etc.
Great windows macro program - automate tasks
05/26/2001 Ward, Alan
Gibson Research Corporation
Gibson Research (disk utilities such as SpinRite)
01/29/2000 (?)
The official place for virus info
05/09/1999 Harv Millman
Virus Hoax info
05/09/1999 Harv Millman
Disabling Microsoft RegWiz [clean personal info from registry]
03/15/1999 Bob Jones
LitePC - Windows Your Way
gives the mechanisms for ridding oneself from IE
03/09/1999 Bob Jones
Home of "Windows 95 Annoyances" (and now Windows 98, too)
05/30/1998 Unknown
Site / Description Date Source
This Wiki is a way for us all to have a place to post and see APCU meeting notes.
08/21/2017 Chuck Goldstein
Send 1 large file to one person
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
HTML Page Analysis
HTML Page Analysis [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
HTML Page Analysis
HTML Page Analysis
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Browser Speeds
but lists itself as somewhat old and overly quoted [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Learn about DNS; lists other tools (html analysis etc) [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
disposable temp email
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Anonymity online - hides your identity [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Spam Proof email
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Stumble Upon
More or less recommended random sites [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
call friends, leave voicemail, send files [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
Free software
02/24/2007 Neal Sosnowski
Freeware SFTP and SCP Client.
05/21/2006 Marilyn
Castle Cops
Security site: gives succinct reviews of filenames you supply; indicates whether dangerous or not
11/23/2005 Marilyn
INP 170: Coding Fundamentals
A course lecture on coding for the Web. Topics include:
1. File Naming Conventions
2. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
3. Relative Links and Absolute Links
4. Block-Level and Inline Tags (Elements)
5. Parent, Child, and Descendant Relationships
6. Code Validation
01/20/2004 Harv Millman
NetLingo is a dictionary of Internet terms. It contains 'thousands of words and definitions that describe the online world of business, technology and communication.'
12/30/2003 Harv
Internet Acronyms
The original World Wide Web Acronym Database, begun in 1991, has disappeared. This is the best replacement I could find. Excellent content, horrible appearance.
12/30/2003 Harv
Urban Legends, Hoaxes, and Scams.
Includes such categories as Missing & Sick Children, Internet Scams, Web Hoaxes, Photo Gallery, Computer Viruses, Crime Warnings, 9-11 Rumors, and Petitions.
12/30/2003 Harv
Distributed Server Boycott List.
The DSBL list contain the IP addresses of servers that have relayed special test messages to listme@listme.dsbl.org; this can happen if the server is an open relay, an open proxy, or has another vulnerability that allows anybody to deliver email to anywhere through that server. DSBL itself doesn't do any tests; it simply listens for incoming test messages and lists the server that delivers the message to DSBL's mail server. Used by other e-mail servers to block potential scammers. See if your ISP has "open relay" mail servers.
12/30/2003 Harv
Helps you create a Weblog/blog--a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically-like a "what's new" page or a journal.
12/30/2003 unknown
DIVX Digest
The NIMO codec pack contains a collection of codecs, filters, and tools for Windows Media Player and the DivX player.Be sure to read the warning about adware and spyware on the page.
12/30/2003 Sid, Harv
Scripting News
Dave Winer's blog fountainhead
01/17/2003 Charles Jameson
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
Reference material for HTML, etc. Tests your mail reader for mime types, etc.
New site Netscape set up for code for browser code. Coming March 31, first developer release.
Mike's fav search engine. 
(Redirects to go.com)
then click news, then frame on left with Technology (3rd from bott); 12/16/2002: Avoid site if you don't like popup ads.
Create your own newspaper. As sites move around, they move with it.
invokes other search engines [5/9/99: was Metacrawler, you can still say metacrawler, but it links to go2net.com]
Link Checker
w3's free checker; will check all links on any page you name
12/15/2002 Marilyn
About Time Home Page
Time client (updates PC's clock) and time server for machines on a network.
12/12/2002 Harv Millman
Slashdot - News for Nerds, News that Matters
12/12/2002 Mike Warot
Real VNC
Virtual Network Computing - access remote machine by web. (Formerly http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/)
06/30/2001 Missed who
Host your site here, up to 20M, free.  Also buy a domain or get [yourname]@[any of several places]
Unlimited pattern matching email forwarding and www redirection for your domain $13.50/yr
06/30/2001 Sid
(Displays general search page, many pop ups)
Web based Email- asks no questions of you
06/30/2001 Sid] (Ward signed up, got confirming email, never worked!)
MailUtilities Advanced Direct Remailer
Send mail even if ISP disallows redirection; also used by spammers
05/26/2001 Sid?
Alternative broadcasting site to following (live365)
05/26/2001 Sid B
Considering using this to re-broadcast church services
05/26/2001 Roy L
Shows computer events happening in the midwest
05/26/2001 Marilyn
eGroups discussing where to validate virus hoxes
04/02/2001 Josh, Bob Jones
eGroups discussing where to validate virus hoxes
04/02/2001 Josh, Bob Jones
eGroups discussing where to validate virus hoxes
04/02/2001 Josh, Bob Jones
Look up internet domains, find owner; Look up IP, etc.
01/29/2000 Irwin
[was Stroud] http://cws.internet.com/
"The ultimate one-stop download site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet"
09/25/1999 Sid(?)
Internet Traffic Report
Shows internet traffic, included graphs, etc.
01/08/1999 Harv Millman
Misc (computing)
Site / Description Date Source
Best Free Utilities (best this, best that...) [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
GNUmeric spreadsheet
GNUmeric spreadsheet - Free [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
ASCII fonts [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
How subnet masking works
How subnet masking works
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
FILExt - The File Extension Source
Find out what a particular file extension means.
12/30/2003 Harv
Fresh Meat
Linux shareware
12/12/2002 Marilyn Justman
Open Source mother lode
12/12/2002 Marilyn Justman
lots of computer stuff - bugs, tips, downloads, etc
05/26/2001 Sid
Site / Description Date Source
News that can impact your privacy [Sid]
02/17/2008 Ward Christensen
A fantastic reference site! for EVERYTHING! This page is their own press release, but use the search box for your lookup.
02/06/2004 Marilyn Justman
Movie Review Query Engine
Allows you to find reviews for over 28,000 movie titles.
12/30/2003 Harv
Nice readable medical info; recommend putting in date limit to not get too much information. Medical literature search.
  Walter Falk: "the ultimate for a medical journal search."
Has search engine; new name as of this date
For <$20 join, & print various legal forms
01/23/2002 Josh
Amusing Tee-shirt - computer error msg
09/29/2001 Harv
Public Transportation - anywhere
NY Times Cybertimes Navigator
Great internet launching point - a re used by NY Times (reporters & researchers?).  (Ward needed no password; Harv Millman said it asked him for one!?!)
(Formerly http://www.nytimes.com/navigator)
09/25/1999 Sid
favorite search engine.  Includes quick "I feel lucky" button that goes to 1st hit rather than showing first 10 hits.  "Gives terrific results by analyzing a page's popularity"
09/25/1999 Sid's
Maps On Us
Sid's favorite mapping location (Ward said mapquest has given some wrong locations)
09/25/1999 Sid
Search for a business, then get detailed driving directions from anywhere!
08/04/1998 Ward C
"Meta-News" - Collects news from many news s:  Technical, Financial, Tech PR, World, U.S., Science, Health, Entertainment
05/30/1998 Unknown
Like DejaNews searches news, this searches news & mailing lists
02/28/1998 Unknown
Site / Description Date Source
Resource Guide: Science Fiction and Fantasy
The resources in this guide can help you dive deeper into the world of sci-fi and fantasy.
10/06/2017 Chuck Goldstein for Colleen Hutcherson
Sci Fi stuff, with many links. When books coming out, etc.
http://www.sciquest - successor to scicentral.com
(302 Found, but redirects to host's error page)
Good links to science sites; reviewed this date
Satellite imagery - I believe created as an MS demo of NT+MS SQL capabilities. Seems to have become more commercialized but you can still see interesting things.
Site / Description Date Source
Stupid things people do, (and often remove themselves from the gene pool as a result)
02/02/2004 Harv
Don't know!
Site / Description Date Source

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